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Old #QPR Videos...New QPR Stadium Survey..May 1 Fan Forum with Chairman Fernandes (and others)....Flashback 13 Years: Relegated to Division III

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  Fill in! ESPECIALLY The question re your view of the capacity of the stadium!

- QPR1st's  recent "Draft" Stadium Survey

- Year Flashback: An Annus Horribilis: The Decline and Rise of QPR

- 13 Years Ago: QPR Relegated to Division 3

Updated: April 22:
“@ijtaylor81: Panel for #QPRFansForum confirmed. Details to follow on www.qpr.co.uk in the next 24 hours ... #QPR

(The last QPR fan forum was held last October -  without Fernandes taking part)

Fans forum on may1st. Beers on qpr report hahaha see you all there. Ask me whatever you want. It's our club. Come on you Rsss

As revealed by @tonyfernandes ... Fans Forum scheduled for May 1st. More details re invites, the panel, timings etc to follow this week

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#QPR Announce May 1 Fan Forum With Chairman @TonyFernandes Taking Part.


- From the 1880s and on! - The Bushman QPR Photo Archives

- QPR Report Messageboard



- Four Year Flashback: AKUTRS looking  back at Club-Fan Relations under Gianni Paladini

- On This Day, 28 Years ago: QPR Lose in the League Cup (Milk Cup) Final to Oxford United!
QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes today (Sunday) announced there would be a May 1, Fan Forum, with the Chairman taking part. Details to follow.

(The last QPR fan forum was held last October -  without Fernandes taking part)

Fans forum on may1st. Beers on qpr report hahaha see you all there. Ask me whatever you want. It's our club. Come on you Rsss

As revealed by @tonyfernandes ... Fans Forum scheduled for May 1st. More details re invites, the panel, timings etc to follow this week

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QPR Snippets: 4 Questions....Rodney Marsh: Cheating and Diving OK...Manchester City-QPR #1 Game in Premiership History...QPR 70th in World Sports Teams for Wages...Danny Parejo Turns 25...Flashbacks


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Four Questions to QPR

1) When's the committed Fan Meeting with Tony Fernandes?

2) When's the next Fan Forum (or that is going to be submerged) into the Meeting?

3) Is the Club going to hold a "Player of the year" Dinner - and when are they going to announce? (After years of having them, hasn't been one since Tony Fernandes took over)

4) When are next season Ticket Prices (and new kits) going to be announced? (Hasn't yet been fan input into next season kits)?

- Rodney Marsh on Talksport: Cheating and Diving, OK

- On This Day in 1967 (Yesterday) QPR Clinch the Title

Video: 4 Future QPR Players in this 1964 Fulham Team vs Manchester United

- QPR1st DRAFT Stadium Survey

- 13 Years of QPR Trust - and since QPR went into Administration

at : SCOTT DUNCAN. (79 yellow & 2 Red in 33 Games - a lot fewer than some others)

- Flashback: Videos of Past QPR-Leicester Games

- 10 Years Ago: First Mention of Gianni Paladini and QPR

- Mark Hughes Makes the "50 Most Powerful People in Welsh Sport

- World List of Sporting Statues

Four Four Two

The Top 100 Premier League matches: Thrill providers, city dividers and title deciders
Read more at 

1. Manchester City 3-2 QPR, 13/05/2012

Top at kick-off on the last day, all Manchester City had to do was beat QPR – managed by former City boss Mark Hughes, who had his own reasons for wanting an unlikely win: not only had he been rather brusquely shoved out for City to hire Roberto Mancini, but the 17th-placed Rs were only two points above relegation.

A tense first half got even nervier when Wayne Rooney's goal put title rivals Man United ahead at Sunderland, and although Pablo Zabaleta scored before the break, Djibril Cisse's equaliser early in the second half ramped up the blood pressure. Red-carded Joey Barton tried to take some City players with him but Jamie Mackie put the Hoops into an unlikely 66th-minute lead.

City entered the five minutes' added time 2-1 down, but Edin Dzeko's 92nd-minute leveller gave hope. Three minutes later Mario Balotelli's first assist of the season was larruped home by Sergio Aguero. City were champions at the very death. GP

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ESPN The salary survey says ...

The Mag, with Sportingintelligence, identifies the highest-paying teams i
n the world
Originally Published: April 14, 2014
By Maya A. Jones and Ross Marrinson | ESPN The Magazine

WHO SAYS MONEY can't buy happiness? According to the ESPN The Magazine/Sportingintelligence Global Salary Survey, the 2013 Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks spent an average of $2.3 million per player last season, the second-highest total in the NFL. Though the franchise spent more per player than 30 other NFL teams, it ranked No. 116 overall, behind all 30 NBA teams, all but two major league baseball clubs and 13 of 20 English Premier League squads.

"A lot of people think because the NFL has great ratings, the players must be the wealthiest," says Sportingintelligence editor Nick Harris. "A list like this over time shows the disconnect."

The NBA is the highest-paying league in the world, as roughly $2 billion was paid to 441 players, for an average salary of $4,522,283 per player. The 2013-14 Brooklyn Nets, thanks largely to Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov's desire to build a contending team immediately, have the highest average payoll at $6.8 million per player, up from $5.5 million last season. The offseason acquisitions of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce increased the overall team payroll from $82,726,245 to $102,211,009, a jump from No. 16 to No. 6 on the overall list. The larger payroll is costing Prokhorov more than $80 million in luxury taxes alone.

Other notable items in the survey include Serie A behemoth A.C. Milan's dropping 21 spots, from No. 6 to No. 27. A.C. Milan's team payroll declined from $177,909,000 in 2011-12 to $155,928,000 in 2012-13. Back in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers fell from No. 7 to No. 19 in team payroll, due in large part to the departures of Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace, whose combined salary was $26.8 million.

In addition to the yearly salary data, Harris compiled a list of 198 teams that are ranked by the total salary an average player made over the past five seasons. Of these 198 teams, 49 had an average player who has earned $20 million or more since 2009. La Liga's Barcelona tops this list with an average five-year spend of $37,975,600 per player. Real Madrid comes in at No. 2 at $37 million, followed by the New York Yankees' $35.8 million, Manchester City's $31.7 million and Chelsea's $31 million to complete the top five. Over the span, the Lakers were the NBA's highest-paying club, coming in at No. 7 overall, having spent $29,883,100 on the average player over the past five years. The NFL's highest-paid team, the Dallas Cowboys, doesn't land until No. 93, and the average Cowboy was paid $11.8 million over the five years.

The results of the survey reveal the spending trends of 294 teams in 15 leagues in seven sports across the globe. The total wages of the 8,663 athletes surveyed amounted to $16.15 billion. Figures exclude endorsements, appearance fees and sponsorships and have been converted to U.S. dollars. The lists include money paid in salaries to players who form the "first-team squad" or active roster across a season. Salaries for the survey are taken from the following years:...

List of Clubs (QPR 70th)


Official Site - April 15, 2009


- Flavio Briatore has spoken exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk to set the record straight regarding the media frenzy surrounding Paulo Sousa's departure from QPR.

The QPR Holdings Ltd Chairman sets the record straight on a number of issues, including team selection and the recently reduced Season Ticket prices.

- Flavio, there's been a lot written and discussed regarding Paulo Sousa's departure - can you set the record straight?

- Firstly, despite what has been reported in the press, Paulo wasn't sacked by QPR. Paulo's contract was terminated, after he - without authority - divulged highly confidential and sensitive information. The Club, with legal advice, responded in this way to protect its position.

- Furthermore, despite what's been written this weekend, we didn't sack Mick Harford, we didn't sack Luigi De Canio and, as I said, we didn't sack Paulo.

- Mick was offered improved terms to stay on the backroom team but chose to move on. He was aware that we had lined up a new Coach and he was only a temporary option, but we were happy for him to stay on as Assistant, on improved terms. He chose to decline that role. Mick has already stated that this is the truth.

Luigi had to return to Italy for personal reasons, and he has also confirmed that is correct. It was very unexpected for me and I was disappointed about it, because I wanted him to stay on.
- For the press to say we've sacked all these people is totally inaccurate and our lawyers are dealing with this.
- We terminated the employment of John Gregory who was already at the Club before we arrived. We had De Canio lined up, but there were complications to get him for the first few weeks.
- But it is true, Iain Dowie was sacked.

The media have reported you told Paulo Sousa which team to pick - is that correct?

- That is incorrect. Paulo picked the team all the time.
- As a Board, we spoke about wanting to see QPR play a more attacking, aggressive brand of football, in a 4-4-2 formation, and he promised us he would do that.
There were two incidents which disappointed us. When we beat Preston North End before Christmas, Paulo made six changes for the next match and we only drew at Charlton Athletic, who were bottom of the league.
- And against Ipswich Town, he stuck to a 4-5-1 formation, when we were at home, and that is when we became very disappointed.
- I was very surprised to see Damion Stewart on the bench and Radek Cerny not involved for that match.
- But I'd like to repeat, I never once told Paulo, or any other Coach for that matter, which team to pick.

- It has also been suggested that it was solely your decision to loan Dexter Blackstock. Is it right that Paulo Sousa knew nothing about the striker leaving to join Nottingham Forest?

- Dexter's agent, Eric Walters, has spoken about this. That statement tells the facts.
- He said: 'Dexter was unhappy at QPR for some time, as he had only started six of a possible 21 fixtures.
- 'He wasn't even on the bench for QPR's home fixture against Bristol City and seeing as he was the Club's top goalscorer, Dexter was unhappy about this situation.
'A few Clubs approached me for Dexter, including Nottingham Forest. I spoke with Gianni Paladini and he advised me that we needed to clear this with Paulo Sousa.
'Paulo came back from Portugal on March 26th at lunchtime. Dexter discussed the situation with Paulo, and he didn't say anything to Dexter about the possibility of him staying with QPR.
'At 4.00pm on March 26th 2009, Dexter signed the paperwork to complete his loan transfer to Nottingham Forest.'

- Moving on, when you arrived at QPR, you spoke quite openly about a four-year project to reach the Premier League. Are you happy with the progress so far?

- We're progressing very well.
- On the pitch, we're already up to the 60 point mark this season, which hasn't been achieved by QPR in many years at this level.
- People seem to have very short memories here. Just this season alone, we have taken points off all the top eight with the exception of Burnley.
- We beat Wolverhampton at home; we drew with Sheffield United; we beat Birmingham City at home; we've drawn twice with Reading; we beat Cardiff City at home; and - we've beaten both Preston North End and Swansea City at Loftus Road too.
- That can't be forgotten and anyone that was at Loftus Road on Easter Monday could see that we not only have a great team spirit, but we can also play some very exciting, entertaining football in a 4-4-2 formation.
Off the pitch, the infrastructure is improving all the time. We have invested over £34 million in to the Club.
- We have signed 17 players - Delaney, Mahon, Hall, Leigertwood, Routledge, Vine, Buzsaky, Agyemang, Gorkss, Ramage, Connolly, Cook, Alberti, Cerny, Ephraim, Helguson and Borrowdale.

- Plus, we have a very strong Youth team, who have just returned from a very successful tour in Sardinia, where we won the Fair Play Cup.
- We have dropped our Season Ticket prices by five per-cent for the renewal period in response to feedback from our supporters.
- We have taken this decision following detailed discussions with fan groups and supporters in general.
- The QPR fan-base plays an integral role in the decision-making process and we were wary that the initial deadline only took into account supporters receiving one pay packet during the initial time period.

- We want to attract fans to Loftus Road and we believe our new prices offer an affordable option to them. Children under the age of eight can come to watch for free - and that is important, because we are always working towards a long-term future, and fans, of all ages, are hugely significant to that.
- Furthermore, we are constantly striving to improve the facilities we have at both the main ground and the training complex, with the re-laying of the Loftus Road pitch over the summer months integral to our plans going forward next season.
- On the commercial side, we are in lucrative partnerships with some major worldwide brands, including Santander, Chronotech, Gulf Air and Lotto Sport Italia. Financially, these deals are amongst the best in English football, let alone the Championship.
- We are looking for a 360 degree improvement in all areas and whilst we admit it will take time, with the support of the whole QPR family, we are progressing well and as a Board, we are confident we will reach our goals.

Speaking of Loftus Road, can you confirm what the current situation is?

- We have sorted the ABC issue, which was crippling the Club, at a 12 per-cent interest rate.
- They would have taken the ground had we not met the deadline, so the fans can be rest assured, that we now own the stadium, which is a great assurance for the future of this Club.
- We would love to see the ground full every week and we are hoping that by introducing the new five per-cent Early Bird reduction, that supporters will follow us in greater numbers, both home and away, next season.

- Speaking of supporters, what are your thoughts on the fans who booed the Board of Directors on Monday?
- It was only a small minority of supporters who booed, but naturally it disappoints me.
- The fact is though; we saved the Club when it was within minutes of going under. If it wasn't for us, this Club would not be here. That is a fact.
- Furthermore, when we arrived here, we had nobody behind us, but now we are only looking towards the top.
- It is similar to at Renault. When we arrived we were last on the grid, and we progressed to the very top. That is what we want to happen at QPR.
- No-one likes being booed, but we know we are doing the right things for the long-term future of this Club and we, the Board of Directors, are unanimous on that.
- This is a very expensive hobby for us and we have already invested significant sums in to the Club.
- But we enjoy the moments when the supporters are behind us in the adventure. That is why we are involved, to bring joy to the fans.
- If we were fighting against relegation, I could understand the booing. But we are making positive strides in our four year programme. This was the first full year and we are a comfortable top half side and have a very strong squad, which is improving all the time, ahead of next season.
- If the supporters don't support us, the project won't work, so all I can ask is you come out and show your support.
- When the stadium is full, there is no better place to watch football. With your support - both home and away - we believe we can keep progressing and one day reach the Premier League.
- If we see that support, we will, of course, do our part by investing more in the future.

Finally, when do you hope to appoint a new First Team Coach?
- Gareth Ainsworth is in charge until the end of the season and we will assess the situation once the campaign finishes.
- In the meantime, I want us to enjoy the last three matches and show the same passion and skill we showed against Sheffield Wednesday on Monday. QPR Chairman Briatore Speaks


Read more: qprreport.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=general&thread=2983&page=1#ixzz1rzzbYH1o

April 16, 2008 - A Fanzine Perspective of The New QPR
Nick Gordon Brown - Goalfood.com--

cash from chaos:
surreal times in london W12

“Oh, how Richard Keys would chastise me if he read this. Deluded flights of fancy from a grumpy old sod. Next you’ll be telling us that a disgraced former Thai Prime Minister and an Icelandic biscuit magnate are competing with a shady Russian oil baron to be the most powerful man in English football…”

So concluded my rant on these pages last summer about modern football’s obsession with money. Or, to be more accurate, modern English football. Or, even more accurately, the Premiership and its attendant throng of hangers on.

I felt out of step with the modern game, and argued millions of others felt likewise. Are we just getting old, I asked (rhetorically, natch)…after all, to younger fans, the modern way IS football. If you’re old enough to have fathered half the Prem’s current crop, then it’s your problem not ours – get with the times daddio.

Then it happened. I was going to say “then the inevitable happened”…only I can’t think of anything less inevitable. My own club, one of those I’d pitied for being forever locked outside the Premiership playground, was taken over. Allegedly only hours before a second stint of administration this decade, at a time when a 10 point deduction would have consigned us to a certain relegation from which we might never have recovered.

However, not only were we taken over, we were taken over by two very rich, very high profile men with a track record of success in the business of sport that is second to none. They’d never even been to our ground before (though one of them admitted it was regularly on his helicopter’s flight path). We were available on the cheap, and they fancied a flutter.

Welcome to Queen’s Park Rangers FC of Shepherd’s Bush, London W12. For the first 85 years of it’s history, nothing more than a foot note in the rich tapestry of the game. Think “Third Division South”. A maverick owner and a succession of (mostly) inspired managerial appointments then led to a period of relatively sustained success. Thirty odd years spent knocking around the top flight or just below. An above average number of flair players, a unique kit (back then it was Reading FC of Elm Park and English football’s fourth tier, and Mr Madjeski was still flogging second hand motors), and an improbable amount of BBC airtime thanks to our location meant we actually became, if not famous, then certainly quite well known.

Then in 1996, just as the Prem gravy train began to go full steam ahead, we fell off. And never really looked like getting back on, despite bizarre managerial choice Stewart Houston (currently residing in the “where are they now?” file) telling terminally unhip music biz mogul and celebrity chairman wannabe Chris Wright, “get me Mike Sheron and I’ll get you back in the Premiership.”

“You’re not famous anymore”, Peterborough fans told us. Harsh but true. “You’re not quite well known anymore” didn’t scan so well.

This season’s events took a further bizarre twist when the two very rich men sold on 20% of the club’s shares to a man who is even richer than them. Richer, too, than Roman Abramovich. 4th or 5th richest in the world, depending on which of those tiresome lists you read.

As I surmised in the pre-season article, fan reaction to such a takeover at any club is to a great extent dictated by your age. Those Rangers fans who grew up in the early 90s with Les Ferdinand and regular top half Prem finishes (often above Arsenal & Chelsea) see it as the return of a footballing birth right, and the cash injection will simply take us back to our rightful place in football’s hierarchy. For even younger fans, like my own kids, it’s simply football as they know it. The Rs have been crap for as long as they can remember, but rich foreign blokes are always buying football clubs and throwing money at them, and now it’s our turn – and mum and dad always say everyone should get a turn.

However, for many Rs fans, one of the big talking points of the season has been how do we as fans react to our new found wealth? “Not like that lot down the road” appears to be the consensus. Chelsea may be happy to be the Premiership equivalent of Millwall (no one likes us, we don’t care), but over the years, we’ve been used to being quite liked by most – or at least not especially disliked. “A kindly aunt”, Danny Baker once called us.

Fans of other clubs liked Stan Bowles, they liked Les Ferdinand. Many liked our kit. And despite its limitations (lack of leg room in and poor views from the away end among them), many liked our tight knit stadium, where you’re right on top of the players, and a crowd of 12,000+ can create a great atmosphere.

Much of that goodwill has evaporated overnight. In this internet age, it’s easy to find out what others think of your own club, and the venom directed towards W12 has not been the sole preserve of rival fans’ messageboards. The pre-match previews in the regional media frequently talk of our opponents taking on “money bags QPR”. We as fans have done nothing to provoke that reaction. Such matters are now beyond our control.

Many of us have even sensed the envy from friends who support clubs outside of the big 4. “Why not us?” is the understandable refrain. There are dozens of clubs, not just in the Championship but also many in the Premiership and some in League One, who would consider themselves to be “bigger” (fanbase, history, however you want to judge that most subjective of issues) than “bloody QPR!”.

To be honest, many of us are thinking along similar lines. “Why us?” It’s all as confusing as it is exciting, and we still can’t quite believe it. All we asked Santa for was a minor millionaire or two who could ensure we could compete on a Palace / Charlton kind of a level, and didn’t have to return to derby games with Brentford. Not only did we get three big cheeses, but there appear to be no human rights skeletons in closets…and whilst I’m not an F1 fan myself, it’s a damn sight cooler than American Football or, indeed, biscuits.

When Jack Walker bankrolled Blackburn to the title in the early days of the Premiership, the neutrals were split. Some applauded a lifelong fan for putting his riches into his hometown team and breaking the monopoly of the big clubs. Others derided the setting of a precedent whereby a club could live beyond its relatively meagre means due only to its sugar daddy. Although times have changed greatly since then, and a latter day Walker couldn’t repeat that trick (just ask Steve Gibson), it’s probably the closest comparison that can be found (not that there is anything approaching a lifelong fan involved).

Walker’s legacy is impressive. Prior to his investment, what odds would you have got on Blackburn in 2008 being where they are? However, the new men at the Bush, for all their relatively cautious talk, don’t seem the sort to settle for Prem consolidation and the odd tilt at the UEFA Cup.

They always refer to what they’re doing at QPR as “the project”. So does the canny Italian manager they employed. Put them in front of a derelict building that still has a few visible traces of former grandeur but that is going for a song, and imagine Grand Designs’ Kevin McLoud interviewing them, and you’ll get the picture. Had they bought, say, Tottenham, not only would it have cost 20 times what it cost to purchase lil’ ol’ QPR, but also they would have spent months & millions ripping out and replacing much of what the previous owners had put in place. This lot would rather start from scratch and, to use another one of their already well worn phrases, “do it our way”.

This approach has thus far struck the right chord with the majority of fans. The “1-0 to the billionaires” song, funny the first time but very quickly embarrassing, has died a quiet death after its author ran a poll on a fans’ website about it and a whopping 90% gave it the thumbs down. (That’s not to say that our new found riches haven’t led to some off the cuff terrace classics, such as chanting “we won’t be signing you” to Shaun Wright Philips after he characteristically blazed high and wide in the cup tie at Stamford Bridge…or serenading Bramall Lane with a chorus of “we’ve got more steel than you” in honour of our richest investor and the business that earned him his billions).

More and more, as the ‘project managers’ allow a few more very minor details of their plans to seep out, it is clear that location is paramount. Chris Wright often talked of moving us out to “the M4 corridor” (where we’d probably have been about as welcome as Terminal 5 – and about as well planned too, given Wright’s track record at the helm). Not these guys. Whilst the Bush and White City may not be amongst the more salubrious parts of town, we’re still the closest London club to the West End (and, coincidentally, Wembley). The urban regenerators are chucking plenty of money at the area, and it’s clearly seen as a good base for the planned international operation in a way that, say, Southampton, Nottingham or Sunderland are not.

The London factor cannot be undervalued, for all that it already has five clubs (albeit it likely to be four soon) in the Premiership. A huge population; culturally diverse and full of second, third and fourth generation immigrants from all the world’s football mad countries; always in the glare of the world’s media…outside of Liverpool and Manchester United with their awe-inspiring footballing heritage, no other English clubs can hope to compete with a well-managed London-based club.

Fans of the likes of Aston Villa and Manchester City, or one club cities like Newcastle and Leeds, would no doubt like to argue the toss about this, but it’s what QPR’s owners are banking on. At the heart of their vision for ‘the project’ is a London location that money could buy…and just about enough of a fanbase / history to start building from.

On the surface, this appears to be a takeover like no other. Shinawatra, Lerner, DIC, Ashley…all these names now trip off the football fan’s tongue readily, but the words tripping off the tongues of the QPR board appear to be different from the rest. Not necessarily better or worse, it’s far too early to judge – but certainly different.

QPR fans can expect an interesting ride. And as hopes and dreams turn into expectations and demands (from fans and owners alike), there’s the potential for it all to get very messy.

The aim appears to be to build phoenix-like a London-based football superpower from the ashes of a modest but once much respected club…to do it shrewdly and with business savvy remaining intact…and playing attractive football. It seems an awful lot to ask. However, after a decade that has seen administration, two relegations, the tragic deaths of two of our brightest young prospects, the mass brawl with the Chinese Olympic team, our main fanzine editor threatened with legal action by our Chairman, and the same Chairman being the central figure in an embarrassing court case about alleged guns in the boardroom…well, I for one aim to enjoy that ride.

Goalfood www.goalfood.com

25th Birthday for Daniel Parejo
His Profile en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Parejo

Years Team Apps† (Gls)†
2006–2008 Real Madrid B 37 (11)
2008–2009 Real Madrid 5 (0)
2008 → Queens Park Rangers (loan) 14 (0)
2009–2011 Getafe 64 (9)
2011– Valencia


Dani Parejo Arrives
- "Dani of the 100 Days: From Summer Hype To Cold Reality." - Recalling the Arrival at Loftus Road of Daniel Parejo "We are delighted to have agreed a deal to sign arguably the hottest prospect in European football..."

QPR REPORT on QPR Rivals in 2008

Dani of the 100 Days

QPR Report takes us back to the summer and the revelation that Queens Park Rangers had signed Spanish wonder-kid Daniel Parejo

The return to Real Madrid of Daniel Parejo after just a few short months at Loftus Road, brings to a disappointing end what just a few months earlier had appeared to be a brilliant, bold, mold-shattering signing, exemplifying the new QPR era under Flavio Briatore and friends.

First came the press story in early summer reporting that QPR's Briatore and Managing Director, Alejandro Agag had met with Parejo`s agents about a possible move.

Then at the beginning of August, QPR and Real Madrid made their respective announcement: The radically different announcement approaches reflecting the vast chasm between the two clubs: For QPR it was the signing of the century for which they held a press conference, streaming it live.

And throughout it was made very clear: This was a Chairman Briatore signing made possible by his contacts and 'Friendship' with Real president Ramon Calderon. And beyond Parejo, it was the harbinger of future QPR signings.

For Real Madrid, it was the ho hum sending out on loan of one of their youngsters. This was reflected in the Real Madrid announcement, which in its entirety said: "Real Madrid Castilla's Daniel Parejo has been loaned to Queens Park Rangers for one year. The youth team midfielder will therefore play in the Football League Championship next season, where he will continue progressing and honing his skills."

QPR by contrast devoted a lengthy statement to Parejo's arrival: "Spanish Starlet Signs"

Queens Park Rangers Football Club have agreed a deal with Real Madrid for highly-rated midfield ace Daniel Parejo Munoz.

Rangers have beaten off stiff competition from a number of Europe's top Clubs - including Arsenal, Deportivo La Coruna, Espanyol, Getafe and Villarreal - for the young starlet, who made his name playing for Madrid's nursery Club Castilla last season.

QPR Chairman, Flavio Briatore, said: 'This is an incredible coup for Queens Park Rangers Football Club.

'We are delighted to have agreed a deal to sign arguably the hottest prospect in European football.

'I am eternally gratefully to Ramon Calderon (Real Madrid President) for giving QPR the opportunity to sign such a talented young player.

'Daniel is a great, young talent and we are looking forward to welcoming him to the QPR family.'

Currently rated as the best youth player in Madrid's set-up by the legendary Alfredo di Stefano, the 19 year-old made 33 appearances for Castilla in the 2007/08 season, scoring ten goals.

He also featured for Madrid in this weekend's Emirates Cup, where his 85th minute header clinched a 2-1 victory for the Spaniards against Hamburg.

Parejo said: 'I am very happy to be coming to London to play for Queens Park Rangers.

'When Madrid informed me I could come here on loan, I - and my family - were very excited.

'I had a very nice meeting with Mr Briatore and he has great ambitions for this Club.'

Parejo emerged as a possible target for Gunners boss Arsene Wenger after he sent scouts to check on the youth international during last year's Under-19 European Championships, but Rangers have stolen a march on the North London giants to clinch the teenager's signature, to the delight of R's boss, Iain Dowie.

Dowie said: 'Daniel is a special talent and I am delighted that we've been able to add him to our ever-improving squad.

'It's an incredibly exciting signing for the Football Club - a real coup.

It shows the benefit of having Flavio Briatore's contacts and we're indebted to him and his relationship with Ramon Calderon that we've managed to bring in one of the brightest youngest prospects in Spain.

'He's one of the stars of their academy. He gets it and gives it and is the link man we've been looking for.

'He's comfortable on the ball, has great technique and is deadly from set-pieces.

'To get in any Real Madrid starting XI, you've got to be a very good player and I've got no doubts whatsoever that he'll prove to be a very good addition to our squad.'

Arguably Spain's brightest prospect, Parejo inspired his nation to win the Under-19 European Championships last summer.

A technically gifted midfielder with pace and skill in abundance, Parejo has been earmarked by the Spanish giants as the next product off their impressive academy production line, following in the footsteps of international trio Raul, Iker Casillas and Guti.

And in press reports the following day: Briatore was quote by Sky Sports: 'One or two years in England will make him tough,

'The championship is very tough, he is a kind of superstar in Spain but he is a normal guy who will do well here.'

And the Daily Mirror reported that: 'QPR yesterday signed Real Madrid wonderkid Daniel Parejo and vowed to continue to raid Europe's top clubs in their quest to reach the Premier League.

Chairman Flavio Briatore used his friendship with Real president Ramon Calderon to seal a one-year loan deal for Parejo 19, fending off Arsenal, Deportivo La Coruna and Villarreal for the youngster's signature.

And Briatore warned the rest of the Championship he is well connected at clubs such as AC Milan and Juventus and is not afraid to splash the cash on the cream of Europe's talent. 'I obviously have very good links with Real Madrid, but also with AC Milan, Juventus and other top clubs,' aid Formula One supremo Briatore after completing the deal for Parejo, who starred at last weekend's Emirates Cup.

'A lot of the time in England people just go for the same players. You often have five or six managers watching the same player - it's a very closed country.

'What we will try to do is open our eyes and work with the likes of Real Madrid, AC Milan and Juventus. We aren't looking only in the UK.

'We are lucky in that we have a reputation for doing things properly and we have been in sport a long time. We know who our targets are and maybe Dani is here with us for a year, two years, maybe forever - let's see how well he does.'

Well a few months later after various stories about Briatore insisting on Parejo's place in the team; and various match reports about Parejo's non-performance during various games; the Parejo 'experiment' has come to a premature end. Hopefully the Chairman, with his third permanent manager of 2008, will have learned some lessons about the Manager-Chairman Relationship; and re the signing of players.

Many thanks to QPR Report

QPR Report operates the popular QPR Reportsite as well as the recently-launched QPR Report Message Board.

Read more: www.qpr.vitalfootball.co.uk/sitepage.asp?a=135591#ixzz2z27KsCH9

Dani Parejo Departs:
- The Sun: QPR have sent teenager Dani Parejo back to Real Madrid — and are ready to offload Emmanuel Ledesma to Genoa next. The loan pair caused chaos when Iain Dowie was Rangers boss as club owner Flavio Briatore insisted that they play. New chief Paulo Sousa seems to have more control and told Briatore they are not in his plans - The Sun



Monday, August 04, 2008
Parejo to QPR - Official Announcement
UPDATED: Listen to Press Conference on QPR World...

Real Madrid Official Announcement - Parejo to QPR on One Year Loan Real Madrid - Daniel Parejo loaned to Queens Park Rangers
Real Madrid Castilla's Daniel Parejo has been loaned to Queens Park Rangers for one year. The youth team midfielder will therefore play in the Football League Championship next season, where he will continue progressing and honing his skills. Real Madrid Statement

Reminder - QPR Press Conference today

QPR World subscribers can listen to live coverage from today's Press Conference, in which Flavio Briatore will unveil the Club's latest signing.
Following the unveiling, Mr Briatore and the R's new recruit will take questions from the gathered media.
QPR First Team Coach Iain Dowie and Lee Cook - who re-joined QPR on Friday evening - will also be in attendance, and answering questions on the season ahead.
To listen to live coverage, log on to the 'LIVE - PRESS CONFERENCE' article which will appear shortly before the Press Conference starts at 12noon.
If you haven't joined QPR World yet, you can still do so in time for the Press Conference by clicking here! QPR

- Parejo Profiles - Parejo Profile -- Real Madrid Profile -- A lengthy Arsenal blogger

Various stories in Monday's papers.
Stories just repeating the Real Madrid announcement
- The Sun

GOAL.COM - Steve Michaels - Parejo Joins QPR - Official
Real Madrid have announced the one year loan of Dani Parejo to Queen's Park Rangers of the English Championship..
19-year-old Parejo signs up at Loftus Road for a full season loan just days after scoring for the blancos against Hamburg in the Emirates Cup.
Madrid announced, "Real Madrid Castilla's Daniel Parejo has been loaned to Queens Park Rangers for one year.
"The youth team midfielder will therefore play in the Football League Championship next season, where he will continue progressing and honing his skills."
Parejo broke through to the Castilla squad in 2006 but only truly made a name for himself last season as he managed a healthy tally of ten goals in 33 Segunda B games.
QPR will hope that the capital-born youngster can propel them back to the Premier League for the first time since 1996.Goal

From June: re QPR's Supposed Interest in Parejo
- Parejo Says No to Arsenal and QPR



Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Parejo Has Now 100% "Left The Building" - Returns to Real Madrid - QPR & Real Statements
Visit the QPR Report Messageboardfor further articles and views. Alternate views are welcomed! See: QPR Report Articles of Interest - Wednesday

- Parejo's Departure: Interesting/Fortuitous (or Whatever!): Real Madrid recall Dani Parejo at the very time that QPR were playing him less and less under their Chief Coach, Paulo Sousa.

"...Parejo made 18 appearances for QPR during an impressive loan spell at Loftus Road." Sporting Life

- Daniel Parejo has returned to Real Madrid, after the Spanish giants activated a recall clause within the players' loan contract with Queens Park Rangers.
- The 19 year-old will officially return to Madrid on January 1st 2009, however, Rangers have agreed to release Parejo - who made 18 appearances in all competitions for the R's - with immediate effect.
- Speaking about Parejo's impending return to Spain, Rangers boss Paulo Sousa said: "We have a very good working relationship with Mr Calderon and Mr Mijatovic at Real Madrid and we are very grateful to them for allowing us to take Daniel on loan in the first place.
- "He is a player of great potential and I am sure that with a good professional attitude, he has the talent to achieve at the very highest level.
- "I will continue to follow his progress at Madrid, and of course, we wish him all the best for his future career."

Real Madrid - Official Announcement Parejo Returns to Real Madrid
The midfielder was loaned out to Queens Park Rangers and will now join the first team
- Daniel Parejo, an international for Spain's Under-21 side, was loaned out to English First Division team Queens Park Rangers this summer. He played for Castilla last season after a brilliant run on other youth system teams. He even had some minutes of playing time with the first team. Parejo has become one of Real Madrid's winter transfer window reinforcements.
- Through their spokesman, Queens Park Rangers thanked the player and Real Madrid for their disposition and collaboration in the past few months, during which Parejo has completed his formation.
-The 19-year old is already in Madrid and will start working for Juande Ramos right away. Real Madrid

And Real Madrid Official Site Parejo regresa al Real Madrid
- El centrocampista, que jugaba cedido en el Queens Park Rangers, se incorpora al primer equipo
- Parejo, internacional sub '21 español, fue cedido el pasado verano al Queen Park Rangres, club inglés que milita en la First Division. El centrocampista, tras una brillante trayectoria en las secciones inferiores del Real Madrid, jugó la campaña anterior en el Castilla e disputando incluso minutos ya en el primer equipo. Daniel Parejo se convierte así en uno de los refuerzos del Real Madrid en el mercado de invierno.
- El Queens Park Rangers, a través de su portavoz y director deportivo Paulo Sousa, agradeció a Dani Parejo y al Real Madrid la disposición y la colaboración máxima en estos meses donde el futbolista ha completado su formación.
- Dani Parejo, de 19 años, se encuentra ya en Madrid y se pondrá de inmediato ya a las órdenes de Juande Ramos en la Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas. Real Madrid


Saturday, April 12, 2014

#QPR Flashbacks "On This Day..." Death of Mike Keen...QPR Staying at #LoftusRoad/Building New Stand...Famed "We Shall Return" Editorial...Second Ferdinand Hatrick in 3 Days...


On This Day in 1969: QPR beat Stoke 2-1 (Stoke with Gordon Banks in goal).  Spratley Clement Hazell Hunt Harris -Bridges Watson Sibley I.Morgan - Leach Clarke Sub Wilks (Leach 2)

- From the 1880s and on! - The Bushman QPR Photo Archives (including the above) -

- QPR Report Messageboard


- Five Years ago: Death of Mike Keen Announced

  21 years Ago Today: Les Ferdinand's Second hatrick in 3 Days (Video)

- Last Season's Premier Clubs' Finances Compared (including QPR)

- 64th Birthday for Ex-chairman Flavio Briatore


- Flashback: Flavio Briatore on QPR as an International "Brand"

- FC Business: QPR Top Social Media Table in Championship

- QPR Still contributing to Julio Cesar's Wages?

46 Years Ago

On This Day in 1968, QPR played Jimmy Scoular's Cardiff, with Wilks in for Rodney...And Cardiff, with John Toshack wearing #10...QPR were 3 points clear at the top (p35, 49 points).Ipwsich and Blackpool with 46 points... Cardiff 6 away from bottom! (although Cardiff were in the European Cup Winner Cup Semi Final) QPR won 1-0....

In the South East Counties League, QPR were top with 42 points. Chelsea 2nd with 39....

And in the programme: Announcement of the New Stand (later to be called South Africa Road Stand)

"We have decided after a lot of discussion and speculation, that our future is here and that we mean to stay."

Thursday, April 03, 2014

"Ian Taylor confirmed that #QPR would own the stadium" - Club-Fan Meeting Report (Report being posted simultaneously on the various QPR Boards)

- From the 1880s and on! - The Bushman QPR Photo Archives

- QPR Report Messageboard


  Below:  Report of Monday's meeting between the Club's Communications Department and Representatives of various QPR Messageboards.  Minutes of the agreed upon-report was  very graciously - and speedily - written up by Neil Dejyothin. This report is being posted on the various QPR Messageboards.

   Profound thanks to QPR's Ian Taylor and Paul Morrisey for holding the meeting

   There's much of interest in the meeting report. For me, the single most important sentence in the  report was  "Ian Taylor confirmed that QPR would own the stadium."


Date: Tuesday 1st April 2014
Venue: Loftus Road Stadium

In attendance: 
From the club: Ian Taylor & Paul Morrissey
From the fan sites:  Clive Whittingham (LoftForWords – www.loftforwords.co.uk), Paul Finney (Open All Rs Podcast – http://playbackmedia.co.uk/podcasts/qprpodcast/), Steve Sayce (Indy Rs – http://www.indyrs.co.uk), Ron Norris (QPRnet – http://www.qprnet.com), Colin Henderson (QPR Report – http://qprreport.com), Matthew Woolf (WeAreTheRangersBoys.comhttp://www.wearetherangersboys.com), Simon Dorset (QPR not606 – http://www.not606.com/forumdisplay.php/51-Queens-Park-Rangers) & Neil Dejyothin (minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Social Media
  • Owner's usage
  • Vine platform
  • Media team's usage
  • Player's usage
  • London Call In
  • Malaysia Live Streaming
  • Communication around new stadium
  • Personnel update
  • Former players and staff recognition
  • Promoting the youth / other areas of the club
  • AOB
  • Ian Taylor thanked everybody for attending and touched upon the previous fan site meetings over the past year, re-iterating their usefulness and that they were part of a wider effort by the club to improve communication with supporters over all areas of the business.
  • Ian Taylor stated that the meeting was to discuss items relating to the media department, and that he and Paul Morrissey would not be able to speak on behalf of other departments, but any feedback that did overlap would be passed on where appropriate.
  • Ian Taylor confirmed there would be a formal meeting arranged with supporters with QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes.
Social Media

Owner's usage – on-going concerns about owner's social media output / false promises, etc

There were several concerns raised regarding the way Tony Fernandes uses Twitter to communicate with fans. 

These included the following:
  • Statements that promised a lot and then failed to deliver, which raises fans expectations and then disappoints if they don't come to fruition. The obvious example was the promise of a new club crest and fan consultation by February, which then never materialised and has now been delayed.
  • Specific fans being singled out for their positive or negative feedback, where the general view in the room was that some constructive feedback was being portrayed as negative when it wasn't, and that it causes a divide between supporters.
  • Making announcements about deals way ahead of time, such as the likelihood we'd partner with Nike as our new kit suppliers last year, but the formal announcement was only made recently. It is not consistent with the club's policy on formal announcements.
  • Tweets that create tension within the club and its supporters that should be relayed behind closed doors, such as the tweets about Harry Redknapp and the players ahead of the Charlton match, which were not helpful to the club or its supporters.
  • Ian Taylor acknowledged all of these issues. The media team provide advice and recommendations to Tony Fernandes and the board on a weekly basis.
  • The shareholders own the club and are entitled to voice their opinions and views and hopefully the positives of communicating with fans in this manner outweigh the negatives. They feel it's good to have a Chairman that wants to communicate, even if it sometimes causes challenges.
  • Steve Sayce said that the perception of Tony Fernandes is that he is painted as a media and web savvy person – so it was important the message gets back to him that some of his social media communication was not one hundred percent helpful.
  • Steve Sayce touched upon some examples where Tony Fernandes had singled out fans for their negative criticism and that this has created a divide amongst supporters who use that platform, which is something we should be keen to avoid. Steve also felt that recently Fernandes has portrayed a message that he was only keen to engage with supporters who were providing positive feedback.
  • Steve Sayce touched on issues with previous Chairman in the past playing supporters against one another – and that was something we certainly don't want to see repeated again and there was a real worry that some of Tony Fernandes' exchanges with fans could cause this to happen. Steve felt that some of the tweets have come across as provocative and likened it to somebody throwing stones in a pond and then walking away.
  • Steve Sayce said that a previous message about us "winning and losing together" is not true, as we do not appear to lose together very well.
  • Ian Taylor said they fully acknowledge that mistakes have been made and it's something they're trying to manage.
  • They feel there is a fine line and a balance to be struck.
  • There was a lengthy discussion about what was and wasn't constructive feedback, and the general feeling was that the constructive feedback is often being taken as negative when it shouldn't be.
  • There was a general discussion on how Fernandes can sometimes react too emotionally after a result, which often leads to a string of exchanges that can lead to something else, such as his decision to meet with supporters.
  • Ian Taylor confirmed the media team were first made aware of Tony Fernandes' decision to meet with supporters through his post on Twitter. The details of this meeting are not finalised yet, but will be soon and will hopefully take place in April or May. They hope to make this available to a wide spectrum of supporters, such as those with the most loyalty points.
  • Neil Dejyothin said that it was a good opportunity to offer other supporters a chance to discuss matters with the Chairman or any future fans forums. There should be some opportunity for a random draw to take place that covers all season ticket holders, and that it's important that not just the same group of fans turn up for each of these events.
  • Some discussion was had about how in touch Tony Fernandes was with the team and its current performances. Ian Taylor confirmed that Fernandes watches most games when he is abroad, either via a stream or is sent DVDs of the games.
  • Neil Dejyothin mentioned that the tweet discussing Harry Redknapp and the team was ill-timed and not something for public consumption and felt it was destabilising.
  • Ron Norris felt it was an odd tweet, causing lots of horrible negativity to build up.
  • Ron Norris felt a better approach for Fernandes would be to hold a Q&A every few weeks or so on Twitter for an hour – he could invite questions in and then select a few and answer them. This would provide some structure and allow for more measured responses. Everybody agreed this was a good idea and worth exploring further.
  • The general feeling amongst everybody that Fernandes needs to stop singling out supporters, either for positive or negative issues and such a regular Q&A may help address that.
Vine platform
  • Matthew Woolf asked whether the Vine platform was an official QPR channel, and mentioned that people are reporting that it slows down their devices. He mentioned the WATRB site could no longer embed QPR clips on their forum.
  • Ian Taylor confirmed that vine.co/OfficialQPR is the clubs official Vine channel and can be accessed via the web or by downloading the app.
  • The service hasn't slowed down any platform the club have used and the club embed clips onto its website without any problems at all. These include Wall and Storify. It's possible that the forum software or content management system that WATRB use could be the source of the problem considering the club haven't experience any issues. Paul Morrissey provided some suggestions to Matthew to investigate.
  • Vine is created primarily for smartphones and isn't really intended for computers, it's similar to how Instagram works.
Tweets from the media team criticising other clubs for breaching the Football League highlights publication embargo – was this an appropriate use of social media by club representatives?
  • Steve Sayce said he was surprised about how the club used Twitter to lodge a formal complaint against another club in the public domain, which didn't seem appropriate behaviour or what a fan would expect to see from using the platform.
  • Ian Taylor explained that there had been numerous clubs breaking the embargo and they had contacted both The Football League and the club involved about this on more than one occasion.
  • QPR respect the terms of their contract and do not want to break the embargo. They feel it's unfair because when a club breaks the embargo it has a direct impact on any potential income the club can make in terms of losing hits by sticking to the rules.
  • They had no joy with contacting those involved to try and settle the issue and in the end they felt going public would help raise awareness. It had the desired effect and since then, only two clubs have broken the embargo since and those who have broken it have been made to remove the content they'd put online.
  • Steve Sayce said that we are all very much learning about social media and how to use it, and expects the club to lead by example and how to use this medium. He re-iterated he was surprised to see the club use it to publicly settle a dispute with another club.
  • Paul Morrissey said it was a route the club didn't intend to go down again and that their relationship with the involved club had actually improved as a result.
Player's and staff usage
  • Matthew Woolf raised a recent example where a member of staff tweeted inappropriate comments on Twitter about one of our own players.
  • Ian Taylor said the club are aware of the matter and it's being dealt with internally.
  • Ian Taylor said that since these fan site meetings started, the player’s usage of Twitter has improved overall, albeit acknowledged there are still the occasional slip-ups. This was a view generally shared by all in attendance.
  • Ian Taylor confirmed that all of the player's and staff's Twitter accounts, with the exception of his own, were personal ones, but that the media team review all material published on social media against the FA Guidelines for any content that may bring QPR or football in general into disrepute. If they believe any action is required, they inform senior management immediately.
  • Ian Taylor cited an example where a player had recently been involved in an exchange with somebody over Twitter and had posted personal information about that person, which was later taken down as a result of this process.
  • Ian Taylor said that since the initial meeting – social media guidelines have now become a part of everybody's standard contract and that there are serious implications for the players and staff in terms of punishment if they don't adhere to them.
  • Ian Taylor said that as a result of these new guidelines, some of the players have actually removed their accounts.
  • Paul Finney said that the official club Twitter accounts often re-tweet messages from the players' personal accounts. Therefore there is a lack of consistency here, particularly as the club are happy to re-tweet positive messages, but when there are posts that they don't like, they step away and don't want to be involved.
  • Ron Norris raised that the players use of Twitter, whether it was positive or negative, was interesting because you learn more about their character and personality and what they're really like. He saw this as a positive overall.
  • A general discussion was had about the use of social media and how it can impact on a player or staff, and that for many of them, it goes beyond the club they are presently employed with and can extend to past clubs or rivals. They are constantly under attack on these platforms and some may not have the correct education and training to deal with the constant scrutiny they're under. 
  • In general there are not too many positives for the players, albeit, it was agreed that when players like Clint Hill, Jamie Mackie, Bradley Orr and Shaun Derry among others were using it, you could really get a sense and feel of the team spirit and friendships around the club. Joey Barton later joined in, but on the flip-side, when that banter started to die down and the team were struggling – it created a perception where fans could read between the lines and connect stories of a dressing room split or lack of harmony and team spirit back to these things.
  • There were discussions about young players, and some examples of players at other clubs who had hundreds of followers, but then having made their senior debut, suddenly saw themselves within minutes gaining thousands and thousands of new followers and becoming known on an international scale. The platform is powerful and needs to be handled well.
  • Ian Taylor said that the club are putting plans in place to hold workshops and tutorials for the 16-18s and Under 21s from the summer. This will be focused around improving their understanding of journalism and how to use things like social media, and will be held at a college where the club themselves will attend and deliver the training.
  • The workshops will be run with David Baker from the academy education programme.
  • Everybody agreed this was great news and a really good initiative.
  • Neil Dejyothin raised that the official QPR accounts are often re-tweeting other associated accounts, which can lead to a lot of duplication if you happen to follow them all. He suggested that perhaps there is another Twitter account created that's sole purpose is to do this, so if you only want to follow one and get all the news of all the accounts, you could.
  • Paul Morrissey and Ian Taylor acknowledged the idea, but also stated that part of the strategy for some of those accounts, such as the QPR Ladies, is to help raise awareness about them, but they also took on board the potential for a person to be spammed with the same information.
  • Clive Whittingham said that in comparison with other clubs, the club's use of Twitter and social media was one of the best out there.
  • Steve Sayce said that the recent improvements to the mobile version of the website were a lot better and that the innovation and other areas the club explore, such as Storify, Google Hangouts, and Vines were really good.
  • The general view in the room was that there was excellent and innovative work being done across all social media and there was a great consistency to it as well.
London Call In
  • Simon Dorset asked if there was any way London Call In could be freshened up and wanted to know who the show was primarily aimed at, such as the die-hard supporters. He felt that there wasn't anything in the show for him personally – and that the type of conversations had been ones he'd ordinarily have done the pub (albeit more explicit).
  • Ian Taylor said that there would be a review of the format at the end of the season and that they would assess changes with a view to implementing them over the summer. The London Call In will always be compared to the Open All Rs Podcast, which is at the other end of the scale in terms of topics and discussion – and it's unofficial.
  • Paul Morrissey said they are looking at the balance of the show and want to better utilise their access to the players and staff, which is the main reason people want to watch and which is their unique selling point, and they hope to be able to deliver something a bit more spontaneous and reactive, with a more relaxed feel. They feel the current format has reached its natural lifecycle and has hit a ceiling.
  • They're happy to take on board any ideas.
  • Simon Dorset raised that perhaps things like Financial Fair Play could be discussed, as nobody understands how it works or things like treatment news and injury news.
  • Paul Morrissey said that modern day manager's like to keep their cards close to their chests and do not want any information revealed about the state of their players. This approach in recent years has been reflected right across football.
  • Clive Whittingham said they should focus on that wider access. It was agreed by all in the room that the Behind The Scenes press videos were a fantastic and fascinating addition this season and that the more content produced like that, the better.
  • Neil Dejyothin said perhaps they could focus on similar themes for players and staff – and what it's like and what it takes to become a player or a coach, or what's it like to be a part of a football club, whatever the role, etc.
  • Ian Taylor and Paul Morrissey said that the London Call-In was a platform for fans to air their views and that fans from the group would be welcome to attend on the show.
Malaysia Live Streaming
  • It was raised whether QPR can stream live matches anywhere outside the UK, or is this restricted to just one country?
  • Ian Taylor confirmed that the agreement covers Malaysia only. The Football League will not grant the club rights to extend this into any other territory.
Communication around New Stadium
  • There was a request for a general update on the state of play – and questions were asked on why the club made such a big announcement before several property, environmental and legal issues are resolved?
  • It was also discussed that the 2018 completion date appears to be ambitious and there is a question mark whether it's really deliverable in that time, as well as whether QPR would own the stadium themselves.
  • It was also asked what fan consultation would be expected.
  • Ian Taylor stressed that the whole process is obviously complex and sensitive.
  • The Club have taken on board an external property PR company called Forty Shillings, who are helping manage the new stadium and training ground announcements. 
  • Forty Shillings have been involved with Arsenal's Emirate Stadium and Wembley Stadium developments.
  • All of the PR and communication messages linked to the new stadium are calculated and strategic. The initial announcement was made to create awareness and bring a lot of stakeholders and landowners to the table for discussions. They're making fantastic early progress on a complex, complicated and huge undertaking project. 
  • The London location makes the project even more complex than the likes of MK Dons and Coventry City.
  • Ian Taylor reminded everybody in the room that the club has never publicly put a timescale for the completion of the project.
  • Ian Taylor said there communication with fans would be key to the project and towards the end of the season a wider consultation will take place and that there will be a number of public consultations around the wider project and stadium when the time is right. Those are the next steps and there will be more details in terms of infrastructure and general updates.
  • The club has already started liaising with fans with a recent transport survey after the Wigan Athletic fixture. They are mindful that this may be irritating but everybody in the room said they actually enjoyed receiving those surveys.
  • Ian Taylor confirmed that QPR would own the stadium.
  • Steve Sayce asked in what form the consultation would be in and that questions also need to be asked about how the legacy and history of Loftus Road is handled. Steve mentioned that fans would want reassurances about this, as it will break our hearts to leave what is a very special place to a lot of us.
  • Ian Taylor confirmed that various discussions are in place on how best to pay tribute to Loftus Road and that it's very much part of their thinking and plans.
  • Neil Dejyothin said that the PR surrounding the new stadium needed to be handled with care, and that the club have to find the right balance about being excited to move, or talking about all the corporate extras a new stadium could bring – because in reality – fans don't really care about that and if they suspect the move isn't to do with football or QPR first, they're more likely to be upset, especially if they don't feel the new stadium represents what's special about their club.
  • Clive Whittingham asked who was responsible for overseeing the new stadium project and a discussion was had about the difference between people at the club who live very different lives to fans making key decisions about what is and isn't good about a stadium.
  • The owners and senior management's experience of football is very different to the supporters, they may come to every match, but they sit in a different environment and are from a very different world to most fans and that we come to football for different reasons. Clive said he would be interested to know what senior management would say their best and worst five stadiums would be and is confident they'd be quite different to most fans.
  • Ian Taylor re-iterated that fan consultation would be key to all of this – and that we would have the opportunity to share our views and that they needed to be taken on board. Mark Donnelly is currently overseeing the project for both the new stadium and training ground – along with other influential figures within the trade.
  • Neil Dejyothin said the QPR1st Supporters Trust were currently researching and putting together information that may be useful for the club and supporters to consider and that more details on this would be announced soon on www.qpr1st.com.
Personnel update
  • Clive Whittingham raised an issue whereby the club have announced staff arrivals in the past, only not to mention when they've left. This has happened on several occasions with some scouts and more recently with Shaun Hallet, who was leading the Warren Farm project and had a couple of videos dedicated to him on QPR Player when he first arrived.
  • This obviously leads to the question of who is running the scouting and training ground projects now? And why does the club not mention when some staff have left?
  • Paul Morrissey said that the usual policy was to announce both a person’s arrival and departure, and it was simply a mistake that they hadn't announced when somebody had left.
  • Ian Taylor said that Mark Donnelly, who Shaun Hallet reported in to, is running both the Warren Farm and stadium project. Ian Butterworth is overseeing the scouting set-up following Ian Broommfield's departure. The scouting structure beneath remains unchanged.
  • Neil Dejyothin raised that he would like to see more consistency with the departure messages, and that sometimes they were too short and cold, that you could sense the club were frustrated with whoever was leaving – or in some cases – it gave the illusion that something happened when you may not have realised.
  • There were others who disagreed, saying that some who left didn't deserve it, and it puts the media team in an awkward position. The media team generally took this point of view, albeit they acknowledged Neil's point of view too.
  • Neil Dejyothin understood those concerns, but said that standards and ethics, and the consistency of that should be adhered to whenever possible. There doesn't need to be a big fuss made (unless they are worth it), but a simple "thank you, we're disappointed it didn't work out and good luck in the future", no matter what, just helps show our class as a club a bit more.
  • Neil Dejyothin raised the point about standards and ethics again, and that while it didn't work out for Jose Boswingwa and that he didn't help himself, it wasn't helpful that his personal information was revealed in a press conference and that contributed massively to his downfall in terms of how he was perceived by supporters. The club put itself in an awkward position and that had long lasting effects, which were avoidable.
Former players recognition
  • The Alec Stock day was well received, as was Wayne Fereday's half-time appearance on the pitch, and it was asked what is being done to build on that, especially in light of some recent comments by Ian Gillard on the Open All R's Podcast where he clearly felt there was more room for improvement.
  • Ian Taylor said the media team in particular are passionate about doing a better job of recognising former players and staff and some of the recent initiatives are a step towards achieving this. They were disappointed they didn't seem to reach the standard Ian Gillard expected, but are determined to put this right.
  • Clive Whittingham, Neil Dejyothin, Paul Finney and Steve Sayce spoke about the expectations of some of the former players and staff, and raised that the lack of knowledge and history about QPR at board level may play a part in those peoples perception of treatment. It's possible they want to be greeted and welcome by the owners and directors, but it's not clear whether those people in the club know who these people are well enough and what they mean.
  • Ian Taylor said that going forward there will be a better focus on particular milestones, such as birthday's or anniversary's for former players and staff and the club will be highlighting fixtures next season to build on that.
  • Paul Morrissey said they recognise that a lot of the work done is still more reactive than pro-active, and that some of the measures they're putting in place are to move towards being more pro-active about these matters.
  • Ian Taylor accepts there has been a mismanagement on the clubs part in terms of looking after its former players, staff and key figures, but they are now constantly striving to ensure the club makes forward strides in this area. 
  • Ian Taylor confirmed that Andy Sinton, Phil Parkes and Clive Wilson will all be guests of the club between now and the end of the season and that the Winton Family have been invited to the Nottingham Forest game and the club will be running a programme piece about their involvement over the years and paying tribute to the late Harold Winton.
  • Ian Taylor said that the W12 area of the stadium always has a former player as a Guest Speaker and that they hope to involve whoever that is with other activities around the stadium on a match day in future.
  • Paul Morrissey said they will be having some discussions about potentially renaming some of the boxes to legendary players or staff, and that a Hall of Fame and other initiatives are being discussed and proposed, but obviously with Loftus Road being a small stadium, it may be that some of those things can't arrive until we move to a new ground.
  • Ian Taylor said they hoped to have a legend present at every home match next season, but also stressed that some former players and staff were not actually interested in returning – because their interest in football was not the same since retirement.
  • There was a general feeling in the room amongst those who attended, that despite the lack of space, we ought to have an area in the stadium dedicated to former players and staff, and that we lacked this in comparison to a lot of clubs. It's something the club should consider as a priority and would go a long way to accommodating those key figures and making them feel more welcome.
  • Ian Taylor said they were meeting with some other fans to discuss ideas to help with this and were keen to take on board any ideas from all.
  • Colin Henderson said that it would be worthwhile for the club to consider doing a Q&A on the website with former players and staff, so that younger fans could learn more about them.
  • It was recognised by all in attendance that the club is making progress, but that also that it will take time to get to the level we'd all love it to be. The work being done now is a positive start and a good step in the right direction.
Promoting the Youth

It was asked what more could be done to promote the Youth?
  • Ian Taylor said that this area has improved significantly since the appointment of Andy Watkins (Club Journalist) around fifteen months ago. The club do more press and PR on the youth and other set ups than most other clubs, including the QPR Community Trust and QPR Ladies.
  • The official QPR website alone has published 81 articles since the start of 2014, which includes 55 articles on the Under 21s and 26 on the Under 18s.
  • There is a comprehensive Academy Review in the match day programme, latest match reports from both the Under 21s and Under 18s fixtures and there are both manager and player reactions, squad stats, fixtures, results and tables. There is also a "Getting To Know" features where we focus on a different youth-team player each work and coverage has expanded from one page to four pages.
  • They are happy to take on board any further ideas.
  • Clive Whittingham said that the piece he did on the youth team that were done as a result of these meetings on LoftForWords was one of the best received features the site has had in the past year, and many around the table would love to do it again. Paul Morrissey and Ian Taylor were more than happy to arrange another one of these in the future.
  • Neil Dejyothin said that the coverage of the QPR Ladies was excellent and they now feel like a part of the club from the outside. It's a huge improvement.
  • Ron Norris said that it would be great if they could somehow do a story on following a player from his mid-teens up until the point he wins a professional contract, and have an archive over a period of time that shows what it's like to go through that process.
  • Steve Sayce said that his eyes were really opened when he did the recent Tiger Feet walk and found out about so much amazing work the Community Trust do. He felt he'd only known about fifty percent of what they did before, so any further promotion of their work would be welcome.
  • Paul Morrissey said that they obviously had to get the balance right and be careful about how much news they put on the official QPR site, as obviously most supporters are going there for news and information about the team.
  • Ian Taylor said they are waiting on confirmation of Tony Fernandes' diary ahead of his meeting with fans in April or May. The club's Supporter Liaison Officer, Andy Rees, will be liaising with fans in due course.
  • Neil Dejyothin spoke a little bit about the meetings over the past year and that the media team could be proud of what they've achieved in that time. It was recognised that it was brave to meet and engage with supporters in the way they did, and they've had a fantastic season to date, and hopefully feel, as all of us do, that the relationship they've had with supporters is the best it's been in years.